How Does The Appellate Production Manager (APM) Assemble the Appeal Records?

Automatically assembles your Record on Appeal in 10 minutes or less

Automatically generates Table of Authorities from your Brief

Upload docket PDF files into a central secured server

Generate allerts and notifications to follow users's appeal time line

Indents uploaded PDF file names for content table

Delete or add files (transcripts & depositions)

Automatically generates a table of contents, including a page count

Automatically generates Record on Appeal and Brief cover pages

Insert documents to the mandatory sequence required by the appellate

Automatically create a header typeset and numberate pages

Append all files into a single PDF for viewing before printing

Provides tool tips and help menus through the process

Generate Reply Brief with all mandatory documents

The APM can generate and print your Appeal booklets overnight

& Much More!

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Process Appeals In Minutes, Not Days

The Appellate Production Manager (APM) is an intuitive process to perfect your appeals

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Automated Features

Generate all documents needed automatically

Stay On Schedule

APM tracks your progress and provides notifcations


Your booklets are drop shipped to your office for your original signature and submission.

Mortgage Advisor

Our mortgage advisors are with you every step of the way.

Close in 30 Days

No need to loose your cool. 30 days or less no biggie.

Easy Application

No complicated forms and unneccessary paperwork.

Guide me in the production of my Record on Appeal.

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"Finally, an inexpensive way to reduce the time and cost assembling an appellate brief!"

Frederick W. Turner, Esq.
Turner & Turner 

White Plains, NY

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the Appellate Express Team. The service is wonderful and the online program is easy to use.

Daniel Hirschel, Esq.
Hirschel Law Firm, P.C.
Valley Stream, NY

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