Appellate Production Manager (APM)

The Appellate Production Manager (APM) is an intuitive interactive process to perfect your appeal.

The APM allows uploading docket PDF files into a central secured server.

The APM allows changing the file sequence to follow user’s Brief time.

The APM allows changing the uploaded PDF files names as they would appear on content table.

The APM allows deleting or adding files (transcripts & depositions) to the production.

The APM automatically generates a table of contents includes a page count.

The APM automatically generates a cover page, CPLR 2205, 5531 & 22NYCRR certificates and compliance documents for your Record on Appeal, Brief and Reply submissions.

The APM inserts the generated documents to the correct sequence as required by the Appellate.

The APM automatically creates a header typeset and numerates the pages in the booklet.

The APM appends all files into a single PDF and allows you to view before printing.

The APM provides you with a help menu, tool tips and video tutorials to do it yourself (DIY).

THE APM generates a Reply tab with all mandatory documents. Just upload your brief and merge to create a file ready to print.

The APM allows you to format the Table of Contents by changing headings levels

DIY the above tasks and receive 35% discount

Upon user’s confirmation, we will print and bind your Record on Appeal & Brief booklets.

We deliver the order to your office ready for original signatures.

We recognize Forma Pauperis, Pro Bono & 18B litigants and provide additional 15% discount.

Pro Se litigants or appellants who pay directly gain an additional15% discount.


Appellate Express introduces Appellate Production Manager (APM), an innovative technology that streamlines the appeals filing process at any level. Our service makes it possible to perfect and process any appeal at a fraction of the time and cost.  You can also elect to use the Do It Yourself (DIY) option and gain further substantial savings on production costs. The Appellate Production Manager has two main functions: The first is to complete production of the record on the appeal and brief files. The second is the printing of record books so they are ready for filing. The APM is a 100% graphical, intuitive and interactive online solution. It guides not only the experienced appellate practitioners but also a novice lawyer and even Pro Se litigants can perfect the production of appeal filings. Tutorial video clips, help pages and tooltips allow you to complete the task without fail. A help menu consistently provides court regulations, requirements and explanations, preventing users from making common mistakes. The APM keeps you on schedule, making it impossible to miss important deadlines. It tracks your appeal process every step of the way and provides reminders, warnings and notifications, guiding you to complete your appeal in the shortest amount of time possible.

We offer several options for using our solution:

A. DIY (Do It Yourself)

Do it yourself (or use your paralegal staff). Work directly on our secured servers and save 35%-50% of the production cost by completing your appeal online. Simply upload the Court PDF files to create your Record on Appeal, your Brief and Reply booklets. You have complete control of time line to rearrange the file sequence or change file names as needed. The APM will do the rest of the production automatically. Automated features will construct a tables of contents and authorities, create your Record on Appeal documents text headers (typeset) and generate all needed cover pages and statements for your production.

B. Print Independently

Print the APM generated Record on Appeal, Brief and Reply files directly from your printer. Once printed, (and bookleted) the documents are completely Court ready.

C. Complete Production

Appellate Express will create and print all the filings for your appeal. You will receive your printed materials just days (or even overnight) after approving the production files and authorizing printing.



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